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Pilots: 15
Total Airline Hours: 98
Flights: 31
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 83,882
Aircraft: 56
Passengers: 2,008
Routes: 47

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Posted by Daniel Goldsmith on 11/19/2017

Welcome to Delta Sky Dream

Welcome, you can join and fly now , but site is stilll being created.

New content will be getting added so for now there are only a few routes to fly. 

Remember you can use the Charter system to create any route you like .

If you need a plane added you wish to fly just let us now.

Join today and watch us grow, together, comments suggestions are greatly welcome.

Once we get going we will be looking for staff so be ready.


Again Welcome to the Delta Sky Dream.

Live Flights

Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
CH10006Pete DesjardinsKBNAKMSPB737-80001.46-72 ft/m Pending
CH10010Rick HirschKFLLKDCAB737-80001.54-124 ft/m Accepted
015John LacerdaKBOSTXKFB757-20002.05-155 ft/m Accepted
CH10008Rick HirschKEWRKFLLB737-80003.09-135 ft/m Accepted
015John LacerdaKMIAMMAAB757-20003.36-140 ft/m Accepted
AAL1086John LacerdaKBOSKMIAB757-20003.07-676 ft/m Accepted
CH10007Rick HirschKMSPKEWRB737-80002.20-118 ft/m Accepted
CH10009Rick HirschKBNAKMSPB737-80002.16-453 ft/m Accepted
0015John LacerdaMMAAKBOSA340-30005.50-505 ft/m Accepted
0015John LacerdaKMIAMMAAA320-20003.28-261 ft/m Accepted

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